Frequently Asked Questions


What is Onekliq?

  • Is an on-demand marketplace for home services, powered by the community. We connect Service Providers to homeowners looking for help with odd jobs around their homes.

Why should I choose Onekliq over the other platforms?

  • You get to set the price on each job, giving you control
  • You get to use Providers that your friends and neighbors recommend.
  • You get service on-demand

How Do I Start Using Onekliq to Find Providers Near Me?

Download the Onekliq App in the Apple Store or on Google Play. Create an account & you are on your way!

Does It Cost Me Anything to Find a Service Provider?

No, Onekliq is FREE. Find reliable, vetted service providers & hire with confidence.

Can I Negotiate Price With Service Providers?

Yes! When you create a service request, your budget will be sent to providers in your area. Those providers can choose to accept the project.

How do I pay for the service?

  • You pay for service via your credit card or Apple pay. There is no exchange of cash on the platform.

When do I pay for service?

  • You authorize payment for service when you select a provider. Funds are held in escrow until service is completed.

Is my credit card information safe on Onekliq

  • Onekliq does not store credit card information.

Can I Negotiate Price With Service Providers?


Are the Service Providers’ background verified/ checked?


How quickly can I get a service provider to show up?

Onekliq is an on-demand platform, you as the homeowner states the time and date

Can I track a service provider as they are on their way to the job site?


How good are Onekliq service providers?

The power of Onekliq depends on your friends’ and neighbors’ recommendations on each service provider. Onekliq helps connect you to a network of local service providers.

If a provider does not show up, can I get my money back?

Yes. Funds are held in escrow until a job is completed.

Why should I invite my friends?

  • The power of Onekliq is in the community of friends and neighbors sharing recommendations on Service Providers.
  • You get to see providers that your friends and neighbors have used and recommend

What is the advantage of having a community-driven on-demand platform?

  • You directly contribute to the quality of the platform by using, rating, and recommending service providers. The more you use it, the better it gets. 
  • The value and power of Onekliq is in the contributions of the community.

How do my friends know I’ve used a provider?

  • Anytime you post a job, Onekliq shows you all the service providers that your friends have used and recommended.
  • Anytime a provider applies for a job that you’ve posted, you get to see who among your friends have used that provider.